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How to Close an Amazon Seller Account

Updated: Apr 29

If you're contemplating closing your Amazon Seller account, whether to take a break, change your business model, or leave selling on Amazon, this guide will help you through the process. 

If your Amazon sales are consistently low, closing your Seller account can help you stop financial losses and reassess your business strategy.

Deciding to Close Your Amazon Seller Account: When It Makes Sense

Deciding on closing your Amazon Seller Account

Closing your Amazon Seller account is a significant decision, but there are specific scenarios where it might be the best move for your business. Perhaps you're pivoting to a new business model that doesn't involve e-commerce, or you're consolidating your sales channels and choosing to focus on your own website instead. 

Other reasons could include persistent challenges in meeting Amazon's performance metrics, leading to a fear of imminent suspension, or maybe the overhead costs and competition on the platform are cutting too deeply into your profits. Additionally, if you're planning a major rebranding or launching an entirely new product line that requires a fresh start, closing your current seller account to realign your business strategy could be a wise choice. 

Each of these scenarios reflects a strategic pivot in your business approach, making the closure of your Amazon Seller account is a calculated step towards your new objectives.

Account Closure Process Overview

 Amazon seller central closure

When finalizing your Amazon Seller account, make sure all pending orders are resolved before starting the closure process. It's important to fulfill or cancel any outstanding orders to avoid complications during the closure.

Access to your account balance, order history, and additional features will be lost once the closure is complete. Remember that closing your seller account can take up to 90 days for the deletion process to finish, so plan accordingly.

Before initiating the closure, verify there are no remaining balances on the account, and if there are, request a refund promptly. Be aware that once you close your Amazon Seller account, it's a permanent action.

If you have a North America Unified Account, closing it will impact all associated accounts, and the same applies to Amazon Europe Marketplaces Accounts affecting all European accounts. Keep in mind that any gift cards linked to the closed account will become unusable.

Account Closure Preparation Checklist

To ensure a comprehensive and secure closure of your Amazon Seller account, follow these actionable steps organized in a checklist format. This will help safeguard your data and inform all necessary parties of the change:

  • Terminate Active Subscriptions:

  • Cancel any ongoing Amazon services or subscriptions (like Amazon Advertising) directly linked to your seller account.

  • Finalize Outstanding Orders:

  • Confirm that all orders have been shipped and received.

  • Cancel any pending orders you cannot fulfill.

  • Notify Relevant Parties:

  • Inform suppliers, account managers, and any other relevant business contacts about your account closure to prevent future orders or misunderstandings.

  • Remove Sensitive Information:

  • Delete personal and financial information from your account to protect your privacy and security.

  • Backup Important Data:

  • Order History: Download records of all transactions for your records.

  • Product Listings: Save details of your product listings, including descriptions and images.

  • Customer Feedback: Export any customer reviews and feedback for reference.

  • Buyer Contacts: Secure a list of buyer contacts, if applicable, for future business opportunities.

  • Check Financial Obligations:

  • Ensure all dues, including loans or service fees, are settled.

  • Confirm that any balance owed to you by Amazon is cleared.

  • Review Amazon’s Account Closure Policy:

  • Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions related to account closure to avoid any unforeseen issues.

  • Contact Amazon Seller Support:

  • If you have any questions or need assistance during the closure process, reach out to Amazon Seller Support for guidance.

  • Reflect on Intellectual Property:

  • Consider whether any action is needed to protect or manage your intellectual property (e.g., trademarks or patents) after closing your account.

By following this checklist, you can close your Amazon Seller account in a structured and secure manner, ensuring that all loose ends are tied up and your business information is protected.

Alternative Account Management Options

 Amazon seller central account vacation mode

Before making the decision to permanently close your Amazon Seller account, consider exploring alternative account management options, such as downgrading to a free seller account. By downgrading, you can still maintain a presence on the platform without the commitment of a paid account.

Another option to look into is putting your account on vacation mode, allowing you to take a break from actively managing your account without the need for permanent closure. This can be especially useful if you anticipate returning to selling in the future.

Closing Your Amazon Seller Account — Aftermath

After ensuring all pending orders are resolved and subscriptions are canceled, be prepared for the permanent removal of all product listings, reviews, and account history once your Amazon Seller account is closed.

The closure will delete any return or refund processing capabilities, impacting your ability to address customer concerns post-account termination. Your access to customer service support through Seller Central will also cease, so it's important to address any outstanding customer issues before closing your account.

Moreover, once the closure process is complete, you won't have the ability to manage your product listings or update any information associated with your previous seller account. It's vital to plan for this change by ensuring all necessary data is backed up, and any essential information is saved for future reference, as the closure process can take up to 90 days to finalize, during which you won't have access to your account or its functionalities.

How to Close an Amazon Seller Account - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my Amazon Seller Account?

To cancel your Amazon Seller account, go to Account Info, find Close Account, and click it. Resolve orders, request refunds, and confirm closure via email. Remember, closure is permanent. Consider pausing or using vacation mode first.

Are there any fees for closing an Amazon Seller account?

Why won’t Amazon let me close my Seller Account?

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What happens to my listings when I close my Amazon Seller account?

How long does it take for my Amazon Seller account to be closed?


In wrapping up, bidding farewell to your Amazon Seller account is like hitting pause on a chapter in your online selling adventure. By following the closure process diligently and tying up loose ends, you're simply moving to a new phase of managing your sales presence.

Remember, change is just another opportunity for growth and evolution in the vast world of e-commerce. Keep exploring, keep adapting, and keep thriving!

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