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Amazon Badges: Leveraging Recognition to Boost Your Sales

Amazon Badges are not just symbols of recognition—they are powerful tools that can significantly enhance your product visibility and credibility on one of the world's largest online marketplaces. From the sought-after "Amazon’s Choice" to the prestigious "Best Seller" badge, these icons on your listings serve as additional promotional features, guiding potential customers to your products. 

In this article, we will explore the various types of Amazon Badges, understand their impact, and unveil strategies to help you earn them. Whether you're a seasoned seller aiming to maximize your presence or a newcomer looking to make a mark, mastering the art of Amazon Badges can set you apart from the competition. 

Get ready to elevate your sales and build a trusted brand on Amazon, with tailored insights from Amazon Growth Lab to support your journey.

Types of Amazon Badges and How to Earn Them

types of Amazon badges

In your venture as an Amazon seller, capturing the types of badges like Amazon's Choice, Best Seller, and Prime Badge is vital for enhancing product visibility and trust. Earning these badges involves meeting specific criteria such as high sales volume, positive customer feedback, and swift shipping times.

Let's explore the key types of badges available on Amazon and their significance:

Amazon's Choice Badge

Earning the Amazon's Choice badge requires precise optimization of your product listings to meet specific criteria set by Amazon. To qualify, you'll need to focus on optimizing listings that consistently achieve high sales volumes and low return rates.

This badge signals to potential buyers that your product is a preferred choice based on its price, availability, and customer satisfaction metrics

Make sure your product titles, descriptions, and images are clear and compelling. Regularly update your listings based on customer feedback and A/B testing outcomes to maintain your competitive edge and keep the Amazon Choice badge.

Best Seller Badge

To secure the Best Seller badge, you'll need to dominate your product category in sales volume over a given time frame. This coveted badge enhances your product's visibility and signals quality and popularity to potential buyers. It's positioned within the top 100 best sellers in any given category, acting as a magnet for customer traffic.

Earning this badge requires a strategic approach: harness customer reviews effectively to boost your credibility and use them to refine your offerings. Utilize A/B split testing and analytics to optimize your listings, ensuring they resonate with your target audience. Investing in PPC management can also give you the competitive edge needed, pushing your products to the forefront, ensuring they remain visible and attractive to shoppers.

New Release Badge

Launching a new product on Amazon can be significantly enhanced by securing the New Release Badge, accessible for the first 90 days after you start selling your product. This badge showcases your latest offerings and attracts early customer interest, improving your product's visibility in a crowded marketplace during the critical initial launch period.

When aiming for this badge, the objective is to surpass the top competitors in a category by driving more sales. Utilizing promotions such as giveaways, PPC ads, and social media can help generate momentum. Ensure you have these marketing strategies prepared when launching your product and continue promoting it throughout the first ninety days to maintain a high ranking.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

While the New Release Badge highlights your latest products, the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge appeals to the growing number of consumers prioritizing sustainability in their purchasing decisions. To earn this eco-conscious badge, you'll need to meet specific sustainability standards that reflect your commitment to environmental stewardship. These criteria aren't just about reducing emissions or recycling; they encompass a holistic approach to sustainable business practices.

Your steps to qualify involve rigorous third-party certifications, ensuring your products are sustainable from production to packaging. By aligning your listings with these requirements, you not only boost your product's visibility but also cater to the eco-conscious customer choice, significantly enhancing your market appeal on Amazon's competitive platform.

Prime Badge

Earning the Prime Badge greatly enhances your product's visibility by showcasing your eligibility for Amazon Prime's fast shipping and trusted customer service. As a seller, securing the Amazon Prime Badge means tapping into a vast network of loyal customers who prioritize quick delivery.

To qualify, you can either use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). FBA simplifies the process by handling storage, shipping, and customer service for you. Conversely, SFP requires you to meet Amazon's rigorous delivery standards on your own.

Data-driven insights indicate that products with the Prime badge significantly boost conversion rates, proving its effectiveness in increasing sales and enhancing customer trust. Prioritize this badge to utilize Amazon's powerful infrastructure and enhance your brand's appeal.

Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day Badge

Similarly, securing the Limited-Time Deal or Deal of the Day Badge can greatly improve your sales by creating a sense of urgency among shoppers. These badges help highlight your product through Amazon's Lightning Deal or Deal of the Day platforms, funneling increased traffic to your listing.

To earn a badge, you must first apply through Amazon's Deal Dashboard, where your product's eligibility is assessed based on sales history and customer ratings. Being featured as a Limited-Time Deal Badge or a Day Badge not only enhances visibility but also drives immediate purchases by compelling customers to act quickly before the deal expires.

Strategically utilizing these deals can have a significant impact on your store's conversion rates and overall revenue growth.

Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and special discounts act as effective tools for enhancing your product visibility and conversion rates on Amazon. By strategically setting up these promotions, you can directly influence buyer decisions and increase your sales metrics.

To set up a coupon, go to Amazon Seller Central and choose the option under the Advertising tab. Define your discount parameters, like percentage off and duration of the promotion. It's important to analyze the impact of these discounts on your conversion rates regularly.

Adjust and optimize your strategy based on the data collected to guarantee maximum return on investment. Remember, the right coupons and discounts not only attract more customers but also boost your product's overall performance on the platform.

Small Business and Other Specialty Badges

Amazon provides various specialty badges that aid in differentiating your products in fiercely competitive markets. These niche badges, like the Small Business and Black-Owned Business badges, not only enhance your brand's visibility but also convey a unique story about your business's values and community focus.

Here's how you can capitalize on these badges:

1. Small Business Badge: Highlight your brand among local and small-scale sellers to attract customers who prefer supporting community businesses.

2. Black-Owned Business Badge: Stand out in crowded categories by showcasing your business as black-owned, appealing directly to customers interested in promoting racial equity through their purchasing choices.

3. Application Process: Make sure you meet Amazon's criteria for these badges and apply through their official channels to enhance your listing's appeal and trustworthiness.

Benefits of Earning Amazon Seller Badges

Amazon Seller Badges

Earning badges as an Amazon seller greatly enhances your visibility, driving more traffic and increasing conversion rates on your listings. When you display Amazon badges, potential customers perceive your products as trustworthy and of high quality. This perception boosts customer trust significantly, leading to higher conversions. Studies have shown that badges impact shopper behavior, with Amazon's Choice or Best Seller badges leading to an approximate 25% increase in click-through rates compared to non-badged listings.

The visibility of these badges on your products doesn't just passively attract eyes; it actively engages potential buyers. The traffic increase isn't just about higher numbers; it's about attracting more qualified leads who are closer to making a purchase decision. This targeted approach means that the traffic brought in via badge recognition is more likely to convert rather than just browse.

Moreover, utilizing Amazon badges aligns with strategic marketing efforts like A/B split testing and PPC campaigns which you can manage through Amazon Growth Lab services. These techniques refine your listings and optimize badge-earning potential, creating a feedback loop that further enhances visibility and sales performance.

Challenges and Considerations

amazon seller facing Challenges and Considerations

While pursuing Amazon badges offers significant advantages, you'll face several challenges that require strategic navigation and continual adaptation. As a seller, comprehending these hurdles is essential to optimize your strategy effectively.

Here are the primary challenges and considerations:

1. Maintaining Consistent Product Availability

Ensuring constant product availability is pivotal for maintaining badges like Amazon's Choice, which factors in stock levels. Data-driven inventory management, like that offered by Amazon Growth Lab, predicts demand patterns to prevent stockouts that could jeopardize your badge status.

2. Navigating Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings have a substantial impact on your eligibility for badges. Negative feedback can lower your product's visibility and chances of earning or retaining badges. Implementing a proactive strategy for soliciting positive reviews and swiftly addressing any customer complaints is crucial. Tools like A/B testing can refine product listings to enhance customer satisfaction and feedback.

3. Adapting to Changing Seller Metrics

Amazon continuously updates its criteria for badge eligibility, requiring sellers to adapt their strategies frequently. Staying informed through brand analytics and adjusting your approach based on the latest data can help you maintain or improve your badge status. Regularly updating your listings and employing PPC management to boost visibility and sales are critical steps in this ongoing process.

Navigating these challenges involves a blend of strategic foresight, technological integration, and constant engagement with customer feedback. Utilizing our services can equip you with the tools necessary for effective badge management and sustained Amazon success.

General Tips to Help Earn Amazon Badges

amazon seller checking new orders

How can you enhance your product listings to secure coveted Amazon badges?

First, focus on optimizing your Amazon listing for visibility and appeal. Utilize a diversified tech stack, like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, which can help refine your listings with data-driven insights. This approach not only boosts your listing's performance but also increases your chances of achieving best seller status or earning other significant badges.

You'll want to delve deep into comprehending Amazon's algorithms. These algorithms prioritize customer satisfaction, so make sure your product details are accurate and your customer service is excellent. Regularly update your product images and descriptions to reflect customer feedback and A/B test different elements to see what resonates best with your audience.

Running promotions is another effective strategy. Discounts and deals can drive higher sales volume, which is a critical factor in badge allocation, especially in competitive categories. More sales translate to higher rankings, pushing you closer to best-seller status within your category and subcategory.


To sum up, utilizing Amazon badges is a strategic move that can greatly enhance your product's visibility and trustworthiness.

A compelling statistic reveals that products with the Amazon's Choice badge experience a sales boost of up to 300%.

To harness this potential, focus on optimizing your listings with powerful tools and adhere to Amazon's stringent standards.

Remember, the path to earning these badges involves continuous improvement and meticulous attention to customer feedback and sales performance data.

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